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You can send your new friend customized messages with fun backgrounds, colors, smileys, GIFs, and more! CHAT WITH STYLEWhen you meet people, chat with fun stickers, colors, smilieys & emojis that make any random chat (or flirt) way more fun.CHAT OR FLIRT Swipe through profiles to find friends with similar interests. TEEN CHAT ROOM FOR FLIRTSChat Me Up is a place where teens meet teens. SECURE CHATMeet people on your terms with secure chat. If anyone’s being a creeper, you can always block unwanted users or messages on CMU.Create your own or join one of the already established chat rooms. To Deal With Problem Users IRCStorm's Rules of Etiquette 1.

Please enclose any pertinent information related to the ban, include the following information: Time of the ban, your ip, where you were when the ban occurred (i.e. Any information you include as to why the ban occurred (include logs if able) and why you feel it was not justified, will be taken into consideration.

This helps Pinger ensure that users are real people and verify their age!

No fakes, no creepers, just people who want to chat and meet people :) Don’t worry, we’ll never post to your Facebook wall or spam you.

IRCStorm has just celebrated it's 10th anniversary as an active IRC network, on February 3rd, 2011. The staff is not here to be flamed or verbally abused. If this is the case, please send a memo to a staff member "/msg memoserv send Staff Members Nick I need help", they will get back to you as soon as possible.

That to the credit of the people that have chosen IRCStorm as their Network of choice. #teen-chat Ages 13-19 #lobby Rated PG-Chat for ages 13 #clubhouse Ages 18 Our Mission IRCStorm Chat Network Mission & Goals - What You Can Expect From Us: 1. You may identify Staff members as those in #help with any , % or @ symbol next to their nickname for general Network information or Java Chat questions. IRC Storm Staff will NEVER ask for the password to your nickname or #channel.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF • Pinger requires a Facebook login to use Chat Me Up• Secure chat with anyone knowing you can block other users• Chat Me Up is ad-supported• Chat Me Up is free.