Danger signs men dating

21-Dec-2017 22:37

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Most of the time, so is the other person—and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, if the difference between how the person is treating you and how they are treating is too great, then there is cause for alarm.

That other person is often everything we dreamed of—smart, funny, attractive, the whole works. What is the point of entering into a relationship if you’re going to start finding faults with it straight away?

That might be true but we could prevent a lot of heartbreak—for ourselves and the other person involved—if we could only critically assess the situation at the beginning.

Boundaries are simply a way to make sure we always feel safe and in control over our own destiny.

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So you missed one date three weeks ago and now you’re reminded of it every time there’s a discussion? It takes various forms: it can be an outright accusation that you don’t care for them as much as you should (or as much as they care for you) or it can come in a form of the silent treatment.

Best piece of advice you could get in a situation like this—get out while there is still time!

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