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15-Jun-2018 20:15

It felt very professional, and the themes are just formatted much more cleanly than most of the Word Press blog themes that you’ll find for free.Another nice feature that’s built right into the default B2Evolution install – a comment area for every post.I discovered B2Evolution when I first started blogging, before I’d ever even heard of Word Press.B2Evolution was available with my hosting account, although manual setup is just as easy as Word Press, as it is also built upon PHP and an SQL database.The ability to extend B2Evolution is available as well.

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One of those is the ability to monitor all sorts of traffic details for each of your blogs.

Downloading and installing plug-ins to extend the functionality of your B2Evolution install is as easy as downloading the files to the “plugins” folder and installing it from the general “” page.

You’ll find plug-ins for everything from Twitter to Google Webmaster tools. He's worked 13 years in automation engineering, 5 years in IT, and now is an Apps Engineer.

On the B2Evolution website alone, you’ll find hundreds of high quality skins – basically blog themes – that can really transform your blog and make it look amazing in a matter of minutes.

And setup only requires that you download the files to the theme folder and then enable it in the admin panel.

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