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Make sure that your email address is correct as all relevant information regarding the SBTE Annual Meeting and abstracts will be sent through it.

When filling the submission form, the author must choose one of the following sub-areas in which his/her work is inserted: (a) FTAI / FTET / AI (b) OPU – IVF and ET (c) Folliculogenesis, oogenesis and superovulation (d) Physiology of reproduction in the male and semen technology (d) Embryology, developmental biology and physiology of reproduction (e) Cloning, transgenesis and stem cells (f) Support biotechnologies: Cryopreservation and cryobiology, imaging diagnosis, molecular biology and “omics” Authors must choose also the language(s) used for submission and if the abstract will compete in any of the award modalities described below.

Genetic analysis and GWAS of traits related to early pregnancy and in vitro embryo production in Nellore cattle.

Biologia de sistemas integrada para predição de qualidade de doadoras e receptoras na produção in vitro de embriões em bovinos.

B) Instructions for preparing the ABSTRACTS: Each study must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines below.