Fire extinguisher museum dating

05-Jun-2018 22:52

He said he is positive that Halevy’s coin was made at the Israel Museum because all the markings are 100% identical to the mold there.

— After an 8-year-old girl picked up her little sister from kindergarten, she picked up a little something else from the ground on her way back home — an extremely rare 2,000-year-old “half-shekel” coin.

Three days after the story below was published, The Times of Israel was contacted by Dr.

Haim Gitler, chief curator of Archaeology and the curator of Numismatics at the Israel Museum.

Later, after the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE, even in the Diaspora the custom of donating the half shekel lingered and is today customarily given before Purim.

More precisely dating it may be tricky, however, because only one side is clearly legible.Disappointed, they found that it wasn’t the expected 14 grams, rather exactly half of it.