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06-Aug-2017 23:44

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European Court of Justice has ruled today on the Uber case where the US-based ride-hailing app was looking to be classified as digital company.Instead the EU court decided that it is regulated under transportation laws.Obviously Chrome's native ad blocker is not going to work quite like the rest of them.It will block all the advertisements from a single page if it has even one obtrusive ad.The highest court in the EU, however, makes Uber's case harder to make, and is definitely a setback for them.Regulations for transportation companies are harsher than the ones for digital enterprises, and that might not only hurt the company's bottom line but remove it from some spaces altogether.Uber has been calling itself a digital technology company that provides a platform for drivers and customers to connect.

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The search giant that has made its billions thanks to advertisements realized that it can't stop people from using ad blockers.

A yearly, or perhaps more commonly biyearly, cycle of buying a new i Phone has been very beneficial for Apple, but some have suggested that there's some foul play how Apple treats older devices.