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Vasilisa survives her brush with death and reunites with her dad with the help of a magic doll.

(But, not before Baba Yaga severely abuses the cat whose only job was to kill Vasilisa and — you guessed it — scratch out her eyes.)United States True, the 1950 movie borrowed heavily from the French story, but Disney's animated — especially since there's more of an emphasis on morals than on revenge.

(Who, of course, she ends up with — but this time, by decree of the gods.)China Written between 618-907 AD, : In addition to the stepmother killing Yeh-Shen's only friend (a fish), said stepmother — and her daughter — are crushed to death in a shower of stones. Yeh-Shen goes on to meet and marry the King, thanks to the spirit of the fish, and the magic of fish bones (the fish is a symbol of prosperity).

Italy In a posthumous 1634 edition of ) came to light and redefined "not appropriate for children." In this tale, a governess encourages Zezolla to kill her stepmother, which backfires when the governess becomes stepmother #2 and brings her own six daughters into the home.

Meanwhile, Lisa and George both realize that the only thing that's certain about the future is that we never know what fate has in store for us.

has come a long way from its origins as a tale about persecution and the dangers of systemic oppression.

That being said, we stepped out of our pumpkin-coach confines to bring you some of the most famous versions that you might not be familiar with.

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(Thanks to a lost glass slipper and godmother, too.)But, the thousand years that fall between the first version of Cinderella and 2015's live-action film have allowed for countless stories that have many striking similarities.

In almost all versions, our heroine is stripped of power by her stepmother and escapes only by marriage to a royal (minus the version where Cinderella kills her stepmother, straight up).

Said royal also has a flair for finding and fitting footwear, and to meet him in the first place, Cinderella relies on magic. (Including the version in which Cinderella is forced to eat her own toe.)Of course, there are reportedly 345 to 1500 versions of in rotation, so we've only had the chance to explore a small part of the fairy tale's legacy.

Since our heroine awoke every morning covered in ash from the fire, she was given the nickname by her terrible family. ), and Cinderella's DIY dress being ripped apart by her stepsisters — who, in Perrault's world, go on to marry lords after apologizing for being the worst.

And, the similarities don't stop there since Disney's 1950 classic adopted almost every aspect of the story. Egypt Forget everything you've ever known about fairy tales: in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, then showed up again in the 1800s in various fairy tale books.Meanwhile, terminally honest businessman George (Rudd) finds himself on the road to financial ruin or worse after being wrongly implicated in a financial crime.

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