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She is also an otaku, but tries to hide it as she is an upper-class girl who is class president.

However, she runs into Hiyori on one of her shopping trips to Comiket, who discovers her secret. She likes "cute" things and likes sweets, as well as coffee and milk.

But after making the trek from her Upper West Side apartment to a West Village restaurant, reality sank in.“The second I saw John, I realized he was closer to 5-foot-10.

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Good at most subjects, and is childhood friends with neighbour Miyuki since both of them love reading.

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Kagami Hiiragi is the older fraternal twin sister of Tsukasa. She has a brutally short temper and is often seen screaming at and criticizing Konata.Still believes in the power of corporal punishment. She works as a traffic cop, but even Konata wonders why can she keep at that position. Has an offscreen husband., created by Shimamoto Kazuhiko in the late 90s; but the one who made him known in Japan was none other than Hideaki Anno who directed a short Original Video Animation for the character, a Radio Show was also made.Anisawa was made to help boost the sales and pick interest of the general public into buying anime merchandise, not just for Animate stores.A recurring theme in post-anime strips is her rivalry with Konata — for Kagami, even Misao considered Kagami as being cold-hearted.

Later, she First appearing in Volume 4, Kō is the president of the Animation Research Club and Hiyori's "boss" on the club's periodicals. Does not appear in the anime, but she did appear in the While she doesn't appear often in the manga, she gets introduced with Ko often.

Konata's closest friend and Tsukasa's older twin sister. "playful" antics, but always seems to be the one who understands her hobbies.