Martin guitar history dating Philippine adult cams

26-Oct-2017 09:51

There were numerous 19th century builders, in fact probably hundreds of luthiers.

For many of these makers, perhaps only a handful or even only 1 guitar survives.

This basic design, similar to other Spanish guitars of the period, has become the standard modern classical guitar, although the original Torres was smaller and had a somewhat different sound than today's modern classical guitar.

I have not been able to find documentation as to the maker of guitar used by Carcassi, although 19th century depictions of Carcassi indicate he played a French style guitar, probably by Lacte or his rivals.

The photo left is a period Fabricatore, and the others are reproductions of originals by luthier Bernhard Kresse.

Later Arcas worked with Torres in the 1850's and 1860's to slightly customize the Torres guitar to his specifications (Tarrega was born in 1852, thus the Torres was already established).Although the advent of electrically amplified instruments, which they also built, caused the eventual temporary demise of resophonic instruments, they are enjoying a major revival, and today are recognized as spectacular instruments in their own right.