My boyfriend is addicted to online dating who is dating jay z

28-Feb-2018 04:48

Anchor – romantic name to call a boy who has won your heart.

Apple – sweet nickname for a precious and priceless guy.

My Prince – my royalty, one who is very attractive in a dignified and royal way.

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Baby butter fingers – an adorable goof; perfect fo a guy who is a little clumsy, but hugely charming. Bear – affectionate nickname for a big and cuddly man. Brushcchi – name of a professional football player who won three Super Bowl rings. Bubble Buns – cute buns (buttocks), very attractive. Buddha – funny nickname for smart and sensitive guys.

My right hand – one without whom you can do nothing.

My Smile maker – one who brings the smile on your face; one who has made your life a pleasure. Panda chicken – adventurous, quick on his feet, and unique.

Chook – Australian for “chicken”; also one who is handsome and loving who has the power of pulling you out of the blues anytime. Diamond – priceless, someone whose worth cannot be measured. Goofball – lovable clumsy, one who messes up all the time, but you cannot help but loving him Goofy – innocent, lovable, huggable, handsome. Huckleberry – cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s precisely the man of your dreams. Jellybean – sensitive and sweet, one who has a hard exterior and soft heart.

Chubby bunny – the best, most adorable boyfriend in the world. Dirty Boy – one who thinks sexy all the time, in a sexy, attractive way. Gorgeous – reserved for the hottest and sexiest guy. Honey Bear – cute nickname for an adorably huge guy. Honey Bun – cute nickname for a man with sexy buttocks; irresistibly attractive. Honey Bunny – sassy guy, whom you can laugh with and is sexy. Hot chocolate – Perfect name for a dark and sexy boyfriend. Huggies – An adorable pet name for a boy you just want to hug forever. Jellyboo – cool nickname for a lovable, sensitive and friendly guy.

Baby Cakes – cute nickname for a guy that is so sweet and adorable. Bad boy – handsome brute who makes you weak at the knees. Bam Bam – mix of cocaine and gunpowder; a good nickname for a guy that rocks your world. Bebits – an extension of “baby”, meaning – my darling. Bibbles – an alteration of “bubbles” to make the nickname fresh and unique; meaning full of joy and exuberance. Buddy – friend with whom you share all, one close to the heart.

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