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30-Jun-2017 07:51

Plus, I didn't feel sexy in my new skin, so I really didn't want sex.Eventually, though, through motherhood I came to be more comfortable with my body than I ever had been pre-baby, and sex is actually better than before.—Morgan Shanahan The worst part for me was not having the same gorgeous body I had before I had a baby.And you may need to put it off longer than medically necessary just to build some trust in your new post-baby body.—Marianne Douglass, Facebook It definitely took a bit to get my groove back, but after two kids I'm so much more in tune with my body, its likes and dislikes, and I honestly enjoy sex much more after having kids. —brennat40d8d5684 Having an understanding and patient partner makes all the difference.

If you do not have a dental dam you can make one by cutting the ring end off a male/external condom and cutting up the side of the condom to create a flat, rectangle.

You can make oral sex safer by using a condom or an oral dam and avoiding oral sex during a herpes or cold sore outbreak.

A dam is a rectangular piece of latex or polyurethane that is used for oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex.

Maybe.—Shirleyann Rafaela Cameron, Facebook I was surprised by how protective of my body I feel. "—Janinne Barris, Facebook Between pregnancy and breastfeeding I remember feeling like my body was just working really hard all the time.

At least for me, I felt like I just carried my baby, gave birth, and I'm now nourishing and feeding my baby with my body, so be nice to me. It took me a while not to feel like sex was just another demand on my body — I used to get really pissed off when my partner would come on to me.

My son was like six months when me and my hubby started getting intimate again; my child woke up right before the action, and he cried and cried as if telling us that he doesn't want a sibling.

Both Easton and Hardy identified as queer and polyamorous, and Easton wanted to reclaim the word slut.… continue reading »

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