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And best of all, when Rettig and his crew returned to the ground, the eagles returned.The crew was jubilant, smiling and slapping high-fives.And that was the aim of Rettig’s return—to recapture the regal Philippine Eagle in all the majesty of today’s Ultra-HD film technology, to give Filipinos the most intimate look ever at their national icon, to peer right down into the nest and see the glint in the eyes of newly hatched chicks.“I think the closer we can get to the eagle family, the more intimately we’re going to bring in the viewer and move people in the end,” Rettig explains.Fresh from world renowned forced sex porn directors, the creme de la creme of forced sex porn is delivered straight to your screen via Brutal Pass! It was the same grueling routine, but of course Neil Rettig was a senior citizen now—at 63, a good three decades older than he was in 1977, when he first climbed into the tops of 100-foot trees in the Mindanao jungle to photograph the Great Philippine Eagle.Rape sex videos and pictures found inside feature cruel forced sex with hot teens, gorgeous babes and sexy MILFS.

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“We both got really emotional and decided we really have to try to make something happen again, knowing that the eagle is really critically endangered.” “I vowed right then and there,” says Rettig, “I’m going to return to the Philippines.” Back in the States, Rettig broached the subject of funding a second trip to the Philippines with longtime friend John Fitzpatrick, director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. “What better way to tell that story than to use an iconic top predator as the symbol of that forest?“And I think that’s really important, because we want to sway people.