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13-Feb-2018 11:02

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” he said.“It just doesn’t make sense to me — especially when in both polls, the number of undecideds was 13 per cent.”Bratt also pointed to what he calls unusual numbers in other age groups — particularly the 35-to-49-year-old demographic.“Those are typically people with younger families who’ve just bought homes, are dealing with mortgages and property taxes — your anti-tax crowd,” he said.

“And that’s the only demographic — in a landslide poll — that Nenshi is leading in.“If you believe these numbers.”Friday evening, Nenshi’s camp released a statement ahead of the poll’s official release and, without elaborating on specifics, reaffirmed their confidence in their internal polling.“We have great confidence in our internal numbers,” wrote Nenshi campaign chair Chima Nkemdirim.“We’ll leave it up to the media to question the validity of the polls.

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”Mainstreet’s polling represents a straightforward and unbiased presentation of their pollster’s findings, Valentin said.“This is all evidence that we don’t monkey around with the numbers,” he said.

Calgary’s municipal election campaign enters its homestretch this week, and dramatic swings in demographics thought as safe territory for one mayoral candidate are raising some eyebrows.