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26-Jun-2018 04:51

It might be working: The absence of music videos from Drake in a year loaded with videos and releases from Kendrick, Jay, and Meek seems like an indication that he’s beginning to get the message.

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Much of the reason Drake seems exhausted now (quite literally — several lyrics from , originally intended for a summer 2015 release, was derailed for almost an entire year in the wake of the outbreak of hostilities with Meek; when it finally did arrive, a year later, it was, despite having moments, so prolonged and mediocre that Drake’s reputation, though not his sales, suffered.Drake has always been, behind the mild demeanor, uncommonly insolent: He was throwing little shots at Jay (“I’m just feeling like The Throne is for the taking, watch me take it”) even back when Jay was lending him cosigns.If Drake could only be humble and accept a title lower than the greatest, no one would have an issue with him.It only makes sense if Drake was assuming that the second front was actually an extension of the first, that Jay had somehow been responsible for pushing Meek (managed by Jay’s Roc Nation) to discredit Drake.

Given that no one else, outside of his family, had issues with Jay at the time, we can assume that many of the foe-directed lines (the ones not aimed at Kanye, at least) on Jay’s recent are aimed squarely at Drake.

Why pick another fight, especially with such a powerful figure?

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