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In fact Neil [Flynn], who played the Janitor, didn’t even have a major role in the show — he was doing a cameo in the pilot. And then once the show started becoming successful and being on for so long, for more seasons, we realized he had to interact with other people besides me. One of the great things about the show was that Bill Lawrence let us improvise a lot, so we would always get what was written locked down, and then we would just play around.

Neil was so incredibly funny that Bill made him a regular and then the whole first season Bill thought, Wouldn’t it be funny, like, he might not even exist. In terms of his name, no one knew his name — I think Bill made that up the last season, and to this day there’s controversy over his name, whether it really is Glen Matthews. And that’s where some of the audience’s favorite stuff over the years came from — just us all playing around and being silly. inherits a small amount of money and he uses it to make the Dr. ” ZB: No, but I often get asked by people and they’re not even kidding. And I just say, “Put ointment on it.” No matter what it is, even if it’s like, a broken arm. If you’re listening out there, don’t listen to my advice.

I also, as you know, played a doctor on television for many years and have done some very light procedures on friends and acquaintances, so I think I should be able to do some basic operation. I tried to take him home — he was our dead, taxidermy dog — and the network wouldn’t let me have him.

ZB: Donald and I do truly love each other — you can cut right now and show pictures of us through the years. You’re going to ask me if it’s ever crossed certain taboo lines and I’m going to say no, it hasn’t. I thought as a price for doing eight and a half years of the wonderful show that I should be allowed to have Rowdy in my house, but they didn’t agree.

” And I don’t know, it was just so random and weird, but I loved a lot of it! I think I tried to take things and they wouldn’t let me.

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Comedy Central is going to put it on for two hours every single day, and that’s pretty cool.reunion while dressed to the nines, and thankfully, Braff documented it with a photo.

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