Zildjian cymbal dating stamps

09-Jan-2018 17:07

It took me a long time to find any writing on it, but when I did it said the following: AVEDIS ZILDJIAN CO Genuine Turkish Cymbal Made in Canada It's got some sort of logo too.I'd like to know when it was made, as I couldn't find any reference to Canadian manufacturing on the Zildjian website.Looks like a 60's era stamp based on examples here: note the three-dot triangle pattern in the Arabic missing in the 40's, 50's stamps (unless accompanied with a hollow ZILDJIAN CO).

For this reason, we do sometimes sell cracked cymbals, and price them accordingly, hoping that you'll milk every last ounce of music possible out of them.

This is the only difference I’ve ever been able to see and it makes this stamp difficult to distinguish. This stamp is distinguished by the position of the star further away from the inside of the moon.